Bilingual Class 帰国子女クラス

This is not an ESL (English as a Second Language) class. This is an English Language Arts class, just like an English class at school in an English-speaking country. Our focus is on using the English language, not learning English.

We study writing and English literature at the upper primary level.

To join this class bilingual students need to be a native-speaker of English, where at least one parent is from an English-speaking country, and English is regularly used in the home (reading books, film, TV, internet).

To join this class returnees need to be at a high enough level of English to cope in an English-only environment. They should have studied overseas for a minimum of two years in a school where English was the language of instruction. They should be prepared to regularly use English at home (reading books, film, TV, internet).

Entry to the class is decided after an interview and trial lesson.



教員資格を持ち、インターナショナルスクールなどで教鞭をとってきたネイティブ教師による、writing(文章力)とreading comprehension(読解力)にフォーカスをおいたクラスで、英語圏の小学校の英語の授業のようなクラスとなります。



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